Day 1, 6:00 PM

We are off to a wonderful start.  We topped off the diesel tanks and spares and set off at 1:30 pm.  The forecast had called for SW winds 10-15 knots with gusts to 20, but we found ourselves in a steady 18-20 knots.  We had a blast tacking out of Newport, slightly overpowered but knowing we were to bear off shortly. We tacked near Castle Hill to wave at our gathered family.  Saw 9.5 knots a few times. We were heeled over a bit but out careful stowage mostly stayed put.  What a beautiful, crystalline day. clear skies and steady breezes.  Dinner is in the oven (sesame-ginger grilled chicken, rice and veggies) and I hear laughter and chatter from the cockpit.  After bearing off to 150 degrees, we have been on a sprightly beam reach doing an effortless 8-9 knots.  Seas a little rocky so we have a few twisty stomachs, but nothing serious. Highly recommend Anchor Bars. Nice for us all to have a gentle beginning.  The crew sends love to all of our loved ones.  Thank you for all of your well wishes and prayers, please do not worry!


5 thoughts on “Day 1, 6:00 PM

  1. and all our Love right back to you all! Wishing you fair weather and a wonderful voyage! The pics and updates are great … thanks sooo much. Will look forward to more of them whenever and as able! Xo

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  2. ‘tacking, bearing off, overpowered, heeled over, stowage’ – way too much nautical jargon for me! And didn’t Kinney teach us that dill pickles were the cure for sea sickness? Glad you’re off to a great start and I’m sure you’re enjoying your first evening in the Atlantic!!

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  3. Sounds like it was a great start to your amazing adventure! Bet the dinner was yummy!! Safe travels. Love the updates, keep them coming!!


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