happy Dana

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10 thoughts on “happy Dana

  1. Quite certain I’ve never before seen Dana with such a broad smile — Love it!! Obviously he is in his element. And kudos to you John for Below In A Blow. Your posts read like an exciting adventure story filled with essential details to aid a landlubber’s comprehension. And please don’t shorten the posts – longer the better. Hope all stomachs have settled and all hands are comfortable above and below deck. Be Safe!!

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  2. Great post, particularly considering your 0.5/10 nausea 😦
    Still averaging over 9 kts, with double reef. Impressive! Might even beat Bill’s estimate.
    I had no idea that water was 78 deg, wow. Glad you’re able to sleep, despite the swelter – Continuous isometrics must take its toll, and make tired sailors.
    Running the Galley sounds like the biggest challeng!
    Thanks for the pics too Liz, keep ’em coming!!
    Best Wishes

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  3. John, maybe 1/2 a scope patch? Wonderful reminders of life at sea. The motion actually becomes almost predictable. Your body moves to compensate for every shake of the globe almost without a thought. With almost no “exercise” you still seem to lose weight.


  4. Terry and I are loving your post! Take care, can tell you are having the time of your life! Enjoy! ( you would throw me over, I get nausea driving on pavement!!) Susan DeWitt


  5. Each post has been a joy to read. I look forward to logging on each morning so that I can begin each day sharing (albeit distantly) all of your group and individual adventures. The highlight so far – surely to be replaced by another one soon – is seeing my brother Dana beaming from ear to ear, completely in his element. He makes those who know and love him proud, and I’m so happy for him. Stay safe all, and continue following the “(speed) records are made to be broken” adage.


    • hi Len – this is Dana – I think we all decided that we are happy to let the current speed record (18.7 knots by Michael) stand for the rest of this voyage – we don’t need to see any more of the kind of wind that it would take to break that record!


  6. Wow! We love the updates and pictures, what an adventure! Was glad to see Tom tethered in at the helm… and fun to hear how Jackie keeps a smile while juggling. That’s our girl! We are so proud of Jackie, Matt, and the whole crew for making this incredible journey! What a team! Stay safe and enjoy.


  7. Cam, This is So Cool!! I am so jealous of this fantastic sailing adventure you all are on to Fail and Spain! What an amazing thrill you all must be experiencing each hour, each day, and my only regret is not finding a way to sneak aboard as a stowaway to experience it, with you all!……. Be safe you all, and keep those wonderful daily journals and pics coming of this experience you’ll never ever forget!


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