Photos from Friday, with more to come!

jun12-1 jun12-2 jun12-4

Here are more photos from Friday, June 12th: Cam, Liz, Jackie and Matt enjoy views of flying fish from the rail; Dana drives through some wild waves; Matt practices with the sextant. We have been dodging rain all day, but a break from the sun and breeze has given the crew a little perk. Stay tuned for more photos and posts.



10 thoughts on “Photos from Friday, with more to come!

  1. Hi all, Cam’s big sister Mackenzie here! Sending love to all and I thoroughly enjoy how detailed all these posts are! Sounds like all is well which is great to hear! Cam and liz, it was a relief for my mom and I to hear your voices. Wishing all a safe rest of the journey!

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  2. OK, I was hoping to avoid this comment, but here goes …. from Dana’s “big brother”. Wear a hat!!! I’ve seen two sets of photos now (and a big thanks to the photographers and the blog posters – they’re all great!) and if anyone is not wearing a hat, it’s most often Dana. While clear skies and a steady breeze are worth hoping for, and I certainly do, the Sun is NOT your friend. I’m glad to see that most of you are appropriately cautious. 🙂 I’m sure that everyone is applying sunscreen liberally, but a hat is a very important accessory.

    There. I’m off my melanoma soap box. I love the posts and updates, as well as the pictures. Thank you for taking the time and effort to keep the rest of us in tune with your adventures.

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    • hi Len – this is Dana – thanks for your brotherly love and concern! Rest assured that I am wearing a hat and applying sunscreen often! The photos in question were taken before 8am and after 4pm when a little unfiltered sun is good for the soul!


  3. So-so-so excited to hear from Liz this morning! Thanks for making sure technoogy allows them to connect with those of us knitting prayer shawls and rubbing worry stones while you are trekking across the Atlantic. Love the pics. Please keep them coming and we are, of course, wishing you awesome weather and seas! Hugs and prayers for and to you all!


  4. Happy to hear the seas are behaving. I know how ugly they can get in the North Atlantic. Hopefully you will have more nice weather. Not knowing any thing about sail boats. How long will this trip take? I think your trip is like 3500 nautical miles and if your making around 10 knots. Like I’m thinking 15 days. How am I doing as an old salt. You have my precious cargo on board. I wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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    • Your math is pretty good, with 3 exceptions. 10 knots SOG (speed over ground) is really good, we don’t expect that to persist. Secondly, we have to do some zigging and zagging depending on wind direction and weather systems we would prefer to avoid. Finally, we want to spend 2 days on the Azores cleaning, restocking for the final leg and exploring Faial. So we are guessing about 3 weeks total. We appreciate the preciousness of our cargo!

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