Monday, June 15, 11:30 am

We motorsailed for about 15 hours overnight, waiting for the north breeze to fill in.  Much cooler now, chilly on deck and perfect below, the front doing some magic.  Great sleeping conditions, thuds notwithstanding. Delicious pancakes for breakfast!  Matt’s special recipe.  An hour ago the north breeze came in strong, from the NNE at 24-27 knots.  We are back to 9 knots under double-reefed main and a 1/3 unfurled jib.  Glad we left the reef in.

During the “break” we did a bit of clean up/dry out.  Things accumulate in pile-etts and strew themselves about.  We worked on the autopilot, which was working flawlessly when we didn’t need it and now has a gremlin.  Tom has been at the helm for his 4-hour solo watch, half easy, half not.  I went to shut down the engine and found it dead.  Came below and was told the generator also shut itself off.  Strong pang of uh-oh, right there in my stomach. Relieved in 5 minutes by switching fuel tanks and restarting the engine, all good..  We were drawing from tank 3 which was very low, and believe the strong sudden heel let the diesel gulp a snippet of air, which it detests.  Events like this become routine, but consume much time and thought.

Jackie kneaded and rolled dough for homemade bread, now rising proudly (the bread). Matt was about to put on Pirates of the Caribbean (he and Cam whistling the theme song in anticipation, their combined whistles striking an odd dis-chord).  The blast of wind brought us to attention on deck, trimming sails and stuff.  Movie cancelled. Now Liz is napping in the main setee in what would be a sitting position except the angel of heel has her comfortably nestled, looking peaceful.

The wind is in kind of a good direction, letting us go towards Horta, but at a closer angle than ideal, mostly a comfort thing.  Acclimating to our new pitch.  Now the fridge erupts its contents upon opening.

About to go on noon-4pm watch, with Cam. Foulies on as squalls still passing.   Love to all. MJ


9 thoughts on “Monday, June 15, 11:30 am

  1. Is Dana still happy with his new foul weather gear that he modeled on a recent transport of his J/88 in 10-15 knots of wind? It sounds like the Atlantic is providing better test conditions. 😉


    • hi Rod – this is Dana – yes, I am thrilled with my new foul weather gear and have been wearing it more often that not, especially at night! I have been warm and dry in all conditions (up to 37 knots and some rain). See you soon!


  2. thanks for the up dates. I can just picture my precious cargo (Elizabeth) you have on board napping. Many a day I would smile as I watched her napping and thank God for the angel he gave us. Every night you all are in my prayers for a safe Voyage. Watch out for the flying fish at night. Every morning we would have to wash them off our deck. Fair Winds and Following Seas!!!


  3. Thanks for the update. Glad you figured out the engine issue so readily.
    So close reaching in 25 KTs? Is this your greatest heel yet? Someone asked me, what IS a severe heel on a Swan of that size?
    Sorry the movie was ppd, sounds like a perfect selection 😉
    Happy Sailing


  4. I’m wondering if ENE winds means beating into the wind which gives me a shudder. I know that was expected and youall are ready for it. It makes me so happy to read about each day because when I do I know how happy Michael and Matt and all of you are to be doing it. I just got goose bumps. You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily and I look forward to reading more tomorrow . you guys and gals are amazing.


  5. a laugh for your day: An Admiral was visiting one of his ships and while eating breakfast with the crew was impressed to see the Navy Insignia stamped on every biscuit. He ask the chief cook how he did that. The chief replied, after each biscuit cut he would slap it against his belt buckle which bears the Navy Insignia. That’s very unhygienic said the Admiral. The Chief cook shrugs and replies, Well sir I suggest you avoid the “Donuts” Have a nice day


  6. I just got myself caught up on your journey! Sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear about the rest. Keep posting pics, they’re so fun to see. Jackie, so impressed with all your cooking xoxoxo


  7. So glad about the engine! And it sounds like the crew knows what to do and how to work in harmony even when they are whistling out if harmony to Pirates theme song! Would have loved to have heard that!

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