St Martin to Newport, Day 3

Yesterday was cloudy all day and night, cool but dark.  Stars came out in the wee hours of the morning, on Bill’s watch.  Awoke to sunny skies, calmer seas and winds blowing gently but with firm conviction. Below felt like we were barely moving, turns our we are making great time. We had lasagne for dinner, pretty beefy stuff.  We miss Jackie’s cooking, and company.

We just had a squall, Tom at the helm.  We all remembered Bill’s TED talk on clouds from the Crossing.  Tom and Dana read the situation like pros, reefed ahead of the gusts and then went back to regular plan as the rain settled in. Scooting along beautifully now.  No ships in sight, water depth 18,000 feet.  We are but a speck and yet, on our beloved Moondance,  our own sustained universe. Reminds me of the marbles on Men In Black.

Dana got hit in the head last night by a wayward flying fish.  Never one to complain, he only mentioned this after I found another flying fish dead on the foredeck and showed it to him.The solo watches give this journey a very different feel.  Wonderful companionship during the day, equally wonderful solitude at night.  And before you ask, we are always clipped in on night watches.

Dana and I laughed out loud this morning at the NYT recap of Obama’s remarks at the correspondent’s dinner.  He said Trump should have a good shot at finally closing Guantanamo Bay, because “he really knows how to run waterfront properties into the ground.”  Tragically funny.

Our love to all, happy Sunday.  MJ



3 thoughts on “St Martin to Newport, Day 3

  1. Dana – Shouldn’t a fisherman hook the fish before the fish catches him? Michael, we welcome your daily post. Obviously, you have Moondance and crew sailing along without a hitch! Be Safe! XO


  2. 18,000 feet depth. Specks w/no ships in sight. This must bring back similar memories from last years trip. Wondering if Moondance feels twice as large, … or maybe 1/2 as full, as compared to its’ 2015 crossing?
    The image of flying fish is glorious and comical, … til I hear one inadvertently whacked a crew member. Glad your safety practices, (eg. being clipped on all night watches), are unwavering.
    Am thinking ‘Santiago’ may yet get his recompense if he pulls a fishing pole out! 🙂
    Regards to all and continue to take care!


    • It does indeed. Moondance feels bigger, roomier. But less laughter and companionship. I wouldn’t change the Crossing crew one iota. The solo watches are very different, but enjoyable in their own way. This journey is very relaxing, though we expect that to change as conditions liven up.
      Santiago indeed needs to redeem himself. He caught one fish this trip — in the head. So nice to have you back with us! Best, MJ


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