Day 2, 7:00 pm

We continue to enjoy spectacular weather.  Winds are steady and from the right direction.. Fair winds and following seas indeed.  We had incredible sailing overnight, with 13-16 knots of wind.  Effortless and smooth.  We crossed the Nantucket shipping channels at midnight and had to steer around some big fellas, no problem.  Phosphorescent dolphin sighting on the 2-5 am watch. Late in the afternoon, having established ourselves in the cobalt waters of the Gulf Stream, and after fighting a contrary eddy current for 4 hours, we bore off to a new heading of 105 degrees. Then how we flew!  Winds kicked up to 25-28 knots, and we were broad reaching (which even my wife likes) at 10 knots. We put a reef in the main and still steamed along. We saw 13.5 knots surfing a wave.  This is sailing.

We have a 24-hour watch schedule broken into 3 four-hour watches during the day and 4 three-hour watches at night.  Two people sit watch at all times; one watch captain and one watch mate.  One crew (yay!) is wonderful full time cook.  Every 8 am- noon watch is a single.  This schedule ensures the watch captains get three off watches to rest and also effects a social rotation among the crew.  Night watches move each night so the 2-5am watch occurs only once every four days for any watch captain.  Working so far!

Before we changed course we were heeled over and it was a bit lumpy.  Just getting dressed for a night watch in these conditions is a challenge.  Every time you pick up a leg to put on pants the boat heels a bit harder and you slip, bump , and catch yourself.  It is actually pretty good exercise.  My particular cabin adds to this challenge as I am on the starboard (uphill) side with nothing to lean on.   Every cabinet opens downhill and empties its contents whenever opened. Add to this the 50-pound bag of apples and oranges swinging wildly and you begin to see the fun of it.

We appreciate all of your well-wishes!  Time for dinner!


7 thoughts on “Day 2, 7:00 pm

  1. We are all loving watching your progress! Hope to see some dolphin photos! Also get a photo of some of Jacque’s casseroles!


  2. Awesome! 13.5! Nice work catching the Gulf Stream. Stomachs settled down yet? Hope you’re able to enjoy that great food. Thanks for posting, keep it up!


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