Gulf Stream



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  1. Love the picture. I’m glad it’s clear. What is the temperature? Comfortable I hope.
    We are watching your progress on the Delorme, Dan said look they are going faster there!


  2. Thanks for the updates and terrific pictures! Fair winds and have a great time…

    Mark (Dana’s boat partner)


    • hi Mark – this is Dana – thanks for following us – the winds are very fair again and we are all having a great time! Hope you are enjoying Alchemy and the JBB program. See you soon!


      • Hi Dana and Moondance Sailors!

        Your updates have been wonderful to read; thank you. I’m envious of your adventure and am very happy that everyone is doing so well and enjoying the journey on that fantastic yacht. The description of the delicious meals and cookies makes me hungry, and the description of the thrilling sailing makes me long to get offshore again.

        Maybe you would like to hear about our Lake Champlain sailing update? It won’t be as exciting or as adventurous as yours, but we are all part of the sailing community together and all share that bond. This week I’ve had four jr. Sailors aboard Alchemy. The winds have been quite strong all week so the boys are having a great time. We hit 8,4 knots on main alone yesterday on a nice reach out to the middle of the lake where we strategized how we would approach the day. We decided to unfurl our jib and work on upwind boat speed and trim. We can’t match Moondance but were consistently in the low 7’s going upwind; not bad for 29′ of fun.

        On Monday, the first day on the boat, the wind was gusting to 25 but we did try a spin. set… it was a little too wild for the crew because only one of the boys had spinnaker experience so we did a conservative and safe douse and worked on upwind sailing the rest of the day. Tuesday brought more wind but we did manage a very nice spinnaker set and got the boat planning a bit at times and hit over 10 knots. We had planned our course well so we did not need to jibe the boat, a good decision because only one of the kids had jibed an asym before. They enjoyed riding the 4′ rollers and the pure speed. Today the wind was down in the 10 – 15 range so we did several practice mark roundings and had a great downwind ride with about 10 really nice jibes; it was great fun. The boys had their wireless go pro cams set up all over the boat so we had a three camera shoot going the whole time. I haven’t met any of you yet but I think you would all be smiling at the creative places they set up their cams. At one point we were watching live video on one of their phones from a wifi feed of one of the cams mounted on the bow. They are a tech savvy group!

        Tomorrow we will be doing our own version of a transatlantic (kind of a trans-at-lake-tic) as we be doing a long distance sail from Burlington to Mallet’s Bay and then racing on Thursday night.
        I’ll send along a few pictures if you would like.

        I hope this wasn’t too boring to read considering what you are all experiencing, but then again, you don’t have four 14 year olds on board! I could have spiced it up with bioluminescent tales of lake dolphins off the stern but you are all too wise to buy into that. I think we did bump into Champ though as we rode down a wave today! 🙂

        Thanks again for the terrific updates; I think your reading audience all feels like we are along for the ride and I feel like I am getting to know some new sailing friends. Here’s hoping for a southerly wind shift and more homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches… Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

        Fair winds,



  3. Great writing. Is our captain not only an awesome captain but journalist in the making?! …
    enjoy reading the details of the sailing … as well as the fun aspects of life on the boat!


  4. I do like a broad reach, but in the quiet waters of Nantucket sound!
    If dressing for your watch is that challenging, I can only wonder at what it takes for Jackie to prepare a hot meal. Prayers for you all as you continue with your adventure.


  5. Gulf Stream eddies….love them or hate them. Perfect tack, you guys are flying. Looks to last for a while longer too. Horta ahoy….
    Bill ( friend of Dana)
    s/v Namaste -Newport


  6. Along with Conor and Liam, I am tracking “Mr. Carrol’s” trip with great interest. We pray for your safe travels and safe return to all your loved ones. Oh and have a blast!!!
    Fond regards, Terri Breen


  7. night watch, don’t get hit with the flying fish. Fair Winds and Following Seas. talk to the Moon!!!


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