Monday 7:00 PM

Wind has steadied at 12-15 knots, broad reaching now.  Shook out second reef, left in first reef for the night. Gliding along at 7.5 knots, pretty calm seas.

Dinner was veggie tangine and delicious homemade bread.  Hats off to the chef!  Now she is baking chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Cam and I want to make homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Not too shabby.




5 thoughts on “Monday 7:00 PM

  1. I like your and Cam’s thinking! … ice cream sandwiches … while cruising … bellisimo!
    Jackie, kudos for keeping yourself and this crew so well sustained! Seems, I’d enjoy your culinary creations anytime, … well, ok, maybe not if it meant I had to get out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to do so! Still, kudos to you! Bon appetit to all!


  2. Hugs for the cook!! This took much planning and time to be so successful. I’m proud of you Jackie!❤️
    Your a very talented sailor too.


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