Monday, 7:21 PM

Latest weather indicating gusts to 30 knots possible tonight.  Back on deck, harden up jib, head up to luff main, drop main halyard and put second reef back in.  FIve people working in smooth harmony, a delight to see.  Ready for 30 knot gusts, no worries.  Cookies in the oven.


10 thoughts on “Monday, 7:21 PM

  1. After anxious moments over 24 hrs., delighted to learn nature is cooperating. My heart skipped a beat when reading “engine dead”. Must remember, with all expert hands on board, problems are quickly solved! With motorsailing are you making progress or just holding your position? This voyage is bringing out the best in all of us as we find ourselves releasing and eloquently expressing feelings for loved ones. So wonderful to realize your having a precious lifetime experience that’s exciting and fun!
    Are you now midway to Horta? Suppose there’s no turning back! Be Safe, Love, Dana’s mom & dad

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    • hi Mom and Dad – this is Dana – we do have an amazing crew with broad and varied skills and experience – I think we can probably deal with just about any challenge that may arise! We only motorsail when the wind is too light to sail at 5 knots better or the wind is coming from the direction we are trying go (east). Thankfully, we have only had to motorsail for short stretches of time so far. When we do motorsail, we can make about 6 knots with no wind and 7 knots with enough wind to fill the mainsail. So we are making progress across the ocean in nearly all conditions! See you soon!


  2. Apparently it’s time to hear from the Boltons! When time permits, would one or more of you please share your thoughts about sailing at night? It’s something I’ve never done, and can barely imagine. How illuminated is the cockpit? Without benefit of moonshine, are your surroundings as dark as I would imagine them to be, or do the eyes adjust to that darkness? Where are the others who are on watch positioned? I’m sure there’s a science and method to the process, and would love to hear how it’s done.

    Thank you. I could simply ask Dana when I see him again, but multiple experiences and descriptions would be fascinating. Be safe all!


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    • Hi Len – this is Dana – sailing at night is very similar to sailing during the day – your eyes quickly adjust to the low light. The compass and navigational instruments in the cockpit have low night lights so you can read them without impairing your night vision. And we all have small flashlights or headlamps equipped with red lights when we need them for a task (the red light does not blind you). On the best nights, you have a clear sky and can find a star ahead that aligns with your compass course and steer by the stars with only occasional glances at the compass. On cloudy nights you might find a cloud to follow, but then you better check your compass regularly! We have 2 person watches and the overnight watches are 3 hours long: 8-11pm; 11pm-2am; 2am-5am; and 5am-8am. Both crew are in the cockpit unless one needs to go forward to make a sail adjustment or check on something, etc. Thanks for following us!


  3. Ditto on the above sentiments/inquiries as per Margaret and Len. so, do fill us in as/when able. Inquiring minds want to know! 😉 XoXo
    (keeping this one brief. able to get present thoughts and questions across in few words- tag teaming on others’! Ha! 🙂
    Continued safe travels … with you throughout! ❤️


  4. I am so happy to know you are enjoying the journey. I am also so pleased so many are lifting you up in prayer.
    I thank God for keeping you safe. I also like to hear of the God moments of joy and wonder. Sail on tonight under His watchful eyes. Much love❤️and peace to all ( on land too!)


  5. Hey Michael, This is so much fun! Ha ! 🙂 I find that I’ll stay up late and turn my computer back on just to read the day’s entries before going to bed, if I forgot to do it earlier! I don’t understand the nautical language, but it’s still tons of fun to enjoy this adventure with you all and to see the pictures! Praying and glad to tag along 🙂 Judy and Tony


  6. I shudder to think of those conditions through the night, but I know you are up to the task. So glad you are back to the daylight watches. Know that I pray for each of you as I peruse your watch schedule each day. xoxo


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