And now time for a commercial break

I must give a shout out to two organizations who have distinguished themselves by excellence in customer service. They have vastly improved this journey by dint of their impressive efforts.

Jamestown Boat Yard – Andy and the crew worked tirelessly beginning last fall to get Moondance ready.  Big items like pulling the rudder were tackeled early and with aplomb.  Thanks Andy, for the preparation as well as the advice. We are making progress on the next to-do list. Also I should mention Phil at Cay Electronics did a wonderful job.  Stuff actually works.

KVH Technologies – they provide our satellite communications which includes phone and data.  They make this blog possible.  Their customer service ethic is always friendly, helpful and unselfish.  Someone at the top of this organization is a good person. They guide you on what plan is best for you, not what makes them the most money.  We have had remarkable performance from the link.  They have our loyalty.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


5 thoughts on “And now time for a commercial break

  1. Nice post! Love it! … was raised on the mantra, if one has something good to say, they should. Your posts are filled with good stuff. Would that tv commercials could be more like yours’.
    Continued happy and safe sailing!
    Is it still looking like Sunday Horta arrival?


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