Friday, 10th day out

Just had awesome lunch of Mary’s chili combined with Jackie’s shipmade cornbread.  Gathered in the cockpit, reeling off the miles, listening to some tunes and having that great lunch, we confess to feeling a bit sorry for the rest of the world, not being here. We are beguiled by the sea.

Yesterday’s TED talk was Matt, on HVAC and energy efficiency.  He is passionate on the topic, which is a joy to behold.  Very lively discussion ensued.We then had calm enough winds for our first poker game.  Tom cleaned up.   Today Jackie will speak on making bread.  We are all washing our hands, as this will be interactive.

We saw our first whale today, a small fin whale.  He blew us a kiss from about 30 yards away and leisurely dove down.

Finally, Liz exclaimed today that she was excited we were almost at the Azores.  She has become a blue water sailor, since we are 425 miles away!

Love to all,  MJ



12 thoughts on “Friday, 10th day out

  1. We’re jealous of your experience AND your cuisine! With all the work, you may still manage to gain weight!! ;))
    We haven’t hear anything of the GoPro video, I hope it worked and you managed to catch some footage. I trust wind and weather are still good? – are you still broad reaching, reefless?
    425 mi sounds like a little afternoon cruise after what you have behind you! Guess you’ll make the Sunday estimate? very impressive.
    Best wishes,

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    • Still broad or beam reaching, 13-17 knots. No reef in main. Rolled up jib a bit to reduce heel for Jackie’s cooking comfort and the generator. We run our watermaker twice daily for about an hour. I will ask Cam about the Go Pro!

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  2. Just had the maiden sail on “At Last” . Full main and a whopping 5.8 knots. LOL. We start the trek home tomorrow and we will pretend to be heading to the Azores. Having no Jackie, we will eat tuna fish sandwiches and celery sticks with cape cod potato chips. You are all invited to sail in Figawi next year. But I will expect Ted talks and homemade bread. Jim Wil bring the selfie stick.


  3. I am hoping you get some pictures of a whale or two! That is exciting. Sounds like the winds are good and you are enjoying the ride. ❤️

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  4. It all sounds wonderful and I love that each of you are giving TED talks! You are so so fortunate to see a whale….how exciting!!!!! My husband, Steve, has family from the Azores. I would love to go there some day! I am looking forward to pictures as you arrive!
    Thank you again for sharing your adventure with us! Love, April

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  5. I know that stepping on land in the Azores will feel strange after two weeks, but I think it will be wonderful too! Day after tomorrow, what a Father’s Day that will be!!
    Love and continued prayers,

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  6. Taking note to your mention of listening to tunes. Being a fair weather sailor, but one who loves music and dance, and can (try) do both regardless of the weather … curious as to what tunes you’ve been listening to? … may we see some dancing yet? … perhaps @ Pete’s Cafe? Wish I were there… and yet, I am. 🙂

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  7. How did the crew do making the bread ! Sounds like such a fun adventure and MJ’s talk sounds like it was in keeping with today’s values of efficiency! Hope u all have a nice day! Btw in our family we call Matt MJ 😀

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  8. Just returned from a bike ride relishing the air filled with the fragrance of honeysuckle and roses. Wonder whether you’ll feel a sense of change as you near land — Perhaps in the air, fish in the sea (Dana, get out your line.) Would Jackie appreciate preparing a fish dinner; or, careful Dana, the fisherman may be required to prepare his catch! . . . . Does everyone have a “to do” list for Horta – – – Replenishing the bananas? Visiting a laundromat? Hope you find your “land legs” to handle solid ground! May the harbor lights of Horta soon beam your way — Easy, comfortable sailing all the way!!


  9. From “At Last” to “Moondance”. (Some sort of concert brewing here). Saturday and 1st day out. Cast off at 10:15 and headed to Quicks Hole then up Buzzards Bay into Nantucket Sound. Sunny and SSE winds at 10 knots. Cruising at a gentle but steady speed of 5 knots. Glad it is the longest day of year as hope to make it to Lewis Bay by dark. Tomorrow storms and rain so headed straight through. I feel connected. Lol. Happy first day if summer.


  10. Thanks for sharing! I sailed from The mainland in Ecuador (Salinas) to the Galapagos Islands last year (about 450 miles) on a hunter 44 and had an incredible experience. best of luck, almost there! keep up the pictures and the posts!


  11. Glad to hear everyone is doing so well and having fun! Jackie, how did the crew do making bread? You are a wonderful teacher! Love the idea of an interactive Ted talk! I can envision MJ giving a very passionate talk on HVAC and energy efficiency!! He sure knows his stuff!!
    We are headed back to CT after a great week in CA. We met Wolfgang Puck at dinner last night, very exciting for all of us, (we went to Spago in LA to celebrate after graduation). He was so nice and was very happy to hear that we loved the food there! Everything was delicious! Jackie, when you get back, we should try making one of his special dishes together!
    We have loved reading the updates each day and feeling connected to all of you! We look forward to seeing photos of you on land soon!! Happy Fathers Day, take the day off and enjoy ; )
    Continued safe travels!!


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