St Martin to Newport – day 6 update

Hold the guesses on arrival time!  We are diverting to Bermuda.  The latest forecast came in and it was worse.  Showing 45-50knots sustained with gusts above that, and seas building to 14-18 feet.  Prudence dictates that we let that system pass.  We have about a 12 hour beam reach to Bermuda and expect decent weather until we get there.  We will watch the weather and decide a Bermuda departure time, but not likely before Friday

I miss my family and want to see them soon, but that will just have to wait a few days more.

Thanks for your continuing comments and support.

Love to all, MJ (the other MJ is Matt)



5 thoughts on “St Martin to Newport – day 6 update

  1. Good to hear you are staying safe and waiting out the storm on Bermuda.
    Love you❤️


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