St Martin to Newport, Day 7

My how things can change fast.  I am sitting at home in NJ, updating this blog.

We arrived Bermuda at daybreak.  Winds were 25-30 knots by dawn.  We checked in at the customs dock and then scored a prime docking spot in the well-protected nook behind Ordnance Island in St. Georges.  This is important because the system we avoided will blow over Bermuda on Friday and Saturday, bringing winds to 45 knots. We definitely did the right thing by diverting to Bermuda, the seas will be “dangerous” according to one forecaster.

Unfortunately with the weather delay lasting until Friday or Saturday both Tom and I had to abort our journey due to work and other commitments.  It was a great 1000 mile trip all the same.  Bill and Dana will pick up a third crew and finish the trip to Newport.  I know Moondance is in good hands.  The tracker is still on the boat, charged.  I leave you with more pictures.  Godspeed to my friends.

Approaching Bermuda
Bermuda Sunrise
Bermuda, arrival at dawn
Safely behind Ordnance Island, Bermuda
Moondance in Bermuda
Flying Fish


Whale sighting, day 1

3 thoughts on “St Martin to Newport, Day 7

  1. I’m thankful you all are safe. The pictures are amazing and I know it was a spectacular trip.
    We will continue to follow along and send up prayers for a safe voyage.

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